Wednesday, June 23, 2010

lesson twenty three | travelling children means packing kitchen sink

“There are two classes of travel: first class, and with children.” – Robert Benchley

So, last night I packed my boys' bags for a day at Grandma and Grandpa's while I had my first 'full day' back at work. (I've been having half days until today.)

There was the baby bag: packed with two sets of clothes, 7 nappies, wipes, stockings, shoes, spare tops, singlets, jeans and drink bottle. We live in Melbourne so a hoodie, coat and bear beanie (complete with ears) were packed too. Noah still has a day sleep or two, so the sleeping bag is packed as well.

Then were was the backback: two sets of clothes, 3 pairs of big boy pants (we have such a good time at Grandma's, sometimes we forget to go), toothbrush, drink bottle, hoodie and bear beanie (also complete with ears).

I originally packed pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers, but momentarily forgot my Mum-in-Law said she would drop the boys off at the office (perfect), so the night time items that didn't fit in the bags were put back into the bedroom. Pyjamas remained. A small bag of things also needed to go back to Mum.

Finally my things: bag, breakfast, lunch, snacks, drink. Foggy outside: gloves, scarf, coat. I almost forgot the kids' daily schedule on our fridge that Mum asked for. Phew.

Dressed whining, tired child. Five trips to the car.

We're off.

A trip that usually takes 40-60 minutes took 25 minutes this morning. Left at 7:00am. So smug.

There was plenty of time to settle the boys, transfer the car seat, take out and put up the pram (complete with skateboard). One is dressed, changed, changed again, and both fed by loving grandparents. There's lots of time to make sure they're happy. Time to go.

I hopped in the car headed for work at 8:40am.

Then I realised something doesn't feel right. Something is missing. I looked around. The back car seat was empty, the boot was empty, the passenger seat was empty.

Where's my laptop?

How does a person forget their main work tool?

Oh, that's right.

I have just travelled with my children and just cannot remember everything.


  1. it gets worse - when you need to remember which day it is for the RIGHT bag. Monday - Kindy bag and travel home pack, Ross news day, Tuesday - Childcare bag, Wednesday - repeat Monday, Thursday - School bag, and various incriments of food as each visit duration extends, Ross Library, Ross footy, club footy bag, Friday - Childcare, Saturday - footy - club and personal

    Now added piano for Tuesday!

  2. Love it Kym! I was so glad when school finished as I didn't have to be the morning nag - "get up, get up! get dressed, no you can't eat until you get dressed as you are too slow eating, get dressed! Finish your breakfast. Where is your toothbrush, the car is here, why haven't you brushed your teeth yet?" Bascially now that summer holidays are here I have rediscovered that it only takes me 15 minutes to get ready for work, the rest of the 90 minutes is focused on Chris and the girls!


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx