Tuesday, June 29, 2010

lesson twenty nine | embrace happiness

"Most of the things we desire in life are expensive. But the truth is the things that really satisfy us are absolutely free... love, joy, laughter and good relations."

Perhaps it was because I was able to have a sleep-in until 9:30am (thanks to my darling hubby) that the day went swimmingly well (and partly because we did also go swimming).

Of course, no days are perfect when you have children, but today I enjoyed their company. Or perhaps I was awake enough to enjoy their company?

Their giggles while swimming in the pool.

Their smiles when they were splashing about.

Their funny faces when we were pulling our best ones.

The screams of delight when daddy threw them up in the air before bedtime.

I confess I didn't take any photos until it was bedtime, but this one suited today the best.

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